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The Alchemist

Set in an abandoned town house in Elizabethan London, The Alchemist centres on the escapades of three confidence tricksters; Face the butler, Subtle the alchemist and Dol Common the whore. With the house's owner having fled town
due to the plague, the three attract a string of targets to their premises, to fleece them of their money with promises of Subtle's occult powers.

Gradually the house becomes so full of fools, all taking part in different plans, that they are reduced to changing clothes every scene, hiding people in the privy and blowing up the laboratory to explain why they have failed to discover the secrets of alchemy.

Matters are not simplified by a Spanish Don, who is really a very suspicious servant in disguise, hoping to unmask them; a group of hyper-pious Puritans who want the fabulous wealth of alchemy to fund their ministry and the inconvenient return of Face's master from his country retreat.

The Alchemist

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