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About the production

The Admirable Miss Smith is the latest in a long line of supper theatre plays by Revellers' Chairman, Clive Read.  The comedy centres around Rod Groomes (played by Shaun Kane) an eccentric, young, financial genius who runs an extremely successful company but whose people management skills are nil! ?

His long suffering secretary, Mo (played by Sarah Dawson) is going on holiday for a month and a temp is required.  However, Rod's previous history with temps is dismal.  Enter The Admirable Miss Smith (played by Helen Linford).  Has Rod met his match?  Add a terrified newcomer to the firm (Sam Beagley) and a strange Human Resources Head (Brian Haswell) plus the harrassed, young daughter of the Secretarial Agency's boss (Tarni Morris) and the scene is set for fireworks.

Miss Smith Picture

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Mo - Sarah Dawson

Hugh MeLintoch - Brian Haswell

Sally James - Tarni Morris

Tim Mallock-Brown -Sam Beagley

Rodney Groomes - Shaun Kane

Admirable Smith - Helen Linford

Production Team

Director - Brian Havers

Assist. Director - Jo Linford

Stage Manager - Ray Clark

Asst Stage Manager - Geoff Guest

Lighting and Sound - Pete Naylor

Properties Jamie-Leigh Oliver

Prompt - Kathy Surman

Programme Design - Sue & Clive Read

Press Officer - Denis Stapleton

Ticket Secretary & Front of House - Sylvia Drake

Assistants - Jane Kisbee/Beryl Teanby/Pam Stimson/Sue & Clive Read

Rehearsal Refreshments - Ros Butler / Beryl Teanby

Our grateful thanks - Roland Dykes

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