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About the production

The evil Sheriff of Nottingham and his henchmen are up to their usual tricks. Their scheme, to rob the villagers of all they have through their new bank - Rob'em and Scarper Ltd. But Robin Hood and his Merry Men have other plans. With a little help from Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Eleanor, Will Scarlet and all their friends, they will endeavour to foil the Sheriff's plans and save the villagers of Sherwood.

Directors Notes

I have always loved panto right from being a little girl when my Mum used to take me to the Embassy as a treat and I envied Mavis Neal's Embassy Babes as they danced and sang on that wonderful, huge stage. Why them and not me, I thought? Well I now have the chance to live out the dream through Revellers and I've certainly done that over the years!  

Clive and I wrote "Robin Hood" last year never dreaming that we would get such a brilliant cast to play the various characters - but Revellers is blessed with diverse and excellent talent. Rehearsals have been a hoot and a welcome lift to the week every Thursday night.

Special thanks go to my Assistant Director, Denis and my husband Clive for their tremendous support. Heartfelt thanks also to Tracy whose costumes, I think you'll agree, are excellent! But the whole Society, as usual, have pulled together to make this show a success. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have - Sue Read

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The Goodies

Robin Hood - Gill Giaffreda
Maid Marian - Helen Linford
Eleanor - Sarah Dawson
Friar Tuck - Clive Read
Little John - Brian Havers
Will Scarlett - Roy Baxendell
Alan-a-Dale - Brian Haswell
Digby - Shaun Kane
King Richard - Jonathan Buckle

The Baddies

Sheriff of Nottingham - Steve Gravett
Thump - Mark Freeman
Smackem - Alex Broadfield
Nellie Nottingham - Jane Kisbee

The Lassies & Laddies

Jonathan Buckle
Sarah Goodman
Geoff Guest
Jo Linford
Tarni Morris
Gemma Ribakovs
Tracy Sortwell

The Production Team

Director/Choreographer - Sue Read
Asst. Director - Denis Stapleton
Wardrobe - Tracy Sortwell
Programme - Sue & Clive Read
Prompt -Kathy Surman
Stage Manager - Ray Clark

Scenery painted by

Jayne Robinson
Ray Clark 
Geoff Guest

Music & Sound - Pete Naylor
Microphones - Rod Sortwell
Lighting - Sarah Middleton

Front of House

Sylvia Drake
Pam Haswell
Pam Stimson
Beryl Teanby

Refreshments - Ros Butler

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