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About the production

Festive Frolics is a feast of fun for everyone.

Held at the Peterborough Indoor Bowls Club, in Burton Street, the fun-packed show, directed by the talented Sue Read and compered by her husband Clive, includes songs, dances and sketches all with a seasonal theme.

Roy Baxendell, gets his kit off, all in the nicest possible taste, in his hilarious version of Mr Bean's 'Man on the Beach' sketch.

And it is rumoured that 'im from Farcet Fen, who gatecrashed last year's End of the Pier Show, has joined the ranks and become a Reveller.


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Running Order

The Opening Medley - The Company

Saga of the Christmas Turkey - Tracy, Shaun, Helen, Pam, Clive & Brian

Christmas Song - Clive, Roy, Sarah Shaun & Jamie-Leigh

Janice & Ray- Jane & Brian

Stop the Cavalry - The Company

One for my Baby - Clive & Brian

Christmas from the Pulpit - Denis

Nobody Loves a Fairy - Our Ladies of a certain age + one

INTERVAL (during which fish and chips will be served)

All I Want for Christmas - Jo & Girls

Christmas Holiday - Roy & Jonathan

Snow White - Jane & various Revellers

Christmas Day in the Workhouse - Clive & Boys

Hard Candy Christmas - The Girls

The Revellers' Poet Laureate - Brian

Finale - The Company

The Company

Roy Baxendell

Pam Haswell

Tarni Morris

Jonathan Buckle

Brian Havers

Jamie-Leigh Oliver

Sarah Dawson

Shaun Kane

Terry Pegg

Sarah Goodman

Jane Kisbee

Clive Read

Shannon Goodman

Dave Lescott

Tracy Sortwell

Geoff Guest

Jo Linford

Denis Stapleton

June Hunt

Helen Linford

Pam Stimson

Brian Haswell

Sarah Middleton

Christine Tindall

Production Team

Director/Choreographer: Sue Read

Dance Captain: Helen Linford

Asst Director: Denis Stapleton

Sound & Lighting: Pete Naylor Roy Baxendell

Wardrobe: Tracy Sortwell

Stage Manager: Darren Gregory

Set Construction & Painting: Geoff Guest,: Ray Clark Denis Stapleton, Jane Robinson

Backstage Assistant: Ray Clark

Programme: Sue & Clive Read

Press Officer: Denis Stapleton

Front of House: Sylvia Drake Beryl Teanby Jane Robinson Ros Butler

Our qrateful thanks to:

Andrew Brown

Aardvark Coaches

Rod Sortwell

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