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04/12/2017 - Sisters? - Rehersals

Rehersals are underway for our new production, Sisters?

Premiering at The Broadway in Peterborough from the 8th February to the 10th.


17/2/2017 - Chat with the cast - Part 3

This week our wonderful host Sean Flynn speaks to Gill Giaffreda and Kirsty Bishop, discussing their favourite things about the Revellers, and their favourite shows.

03/02/2017 - Chat with the cast - Part 2

This week, our host Sean Flynn talks to two returning members of the society, Sam Beagley and Cydney Leigh Beagley, about their time with the Revellers and their plans for the future.

Revellers go to the Movies will be staged at the Peterborough Indoor Bowls Club 21-24 June. Tickets cost £12.50 and you can book now by calling 01778 349534!

27/01/2017 - Chat with the cast.

Sean & Dan have put together a short video featuring the cast.

26/4/2016 - We're moving to Stamford with Bonnie & Clyde

on car

Yes, it's a change of venue for our next blockbusting production - the thrilling and sexy new musical that we will be premiering in this area at the Corn Exchange Theatre in Broad Street Stamford from the 22nd to 25th September. The cast includes Helen Naylor as Bonnie Parker, Mark Freeman as Clyde Barrow, Joanne Linford as Blanche Barrow, Sean Flynn as Buck Barrow, Stephen Gravett as Ted Hinton, Clive Read as the Preacher, Phil Bates as Sheriff Schmid, Danny Johnson as Young Clyde, Kitty Johnson as Young Bonnie, Patricia Linford as Emma Parker and Gill Gillfrieda as Cumie Barrow. The Show is being produced by Sue Read. The role of stage manager means a change of direction for Martin Linford who is having rest from learning lines to shifting scenery and generally bossing people about backstage.

For tickets £12.50 ( concessions £11.50) phone the theatre box office 01780 766455 or visit


In order to obtain as large an audience as possible on each night from the Thursday to the Saturday and for the afternoon matinee on the Sunday we need to promote the show with as much publicity as possible. To this effect we will be looking to place paid for advertisements in the Stamford Mercury, Peterborough Telegraph, and local magazines as well as sending them, and radio and tv stations, press releases and photos.

We are also included as part of the on-going Corn Exchange Theatre's publicity machine which includes extensive coverage on their website as well as poster displays within the theatre and flyers given out to audiences, having watched appropriate productions, as they leave the theatre.

As well as this we will be taking part in this year's Stamford Float Parade on the 2nd July which will be watched by an estimated 5000 plus people. Our involvement will be with our 'Bonnie and Clyde' being driven in the parade in a 1930 Ford open top two seater model A roadster, this version was one of the Cars used in the movie. Other selected members of the cast (in costume) will be asked to walk alongside the car handing out leaflets and to be in attendance to do the same in the finishing area after in the parade. It is hoped that we will be able to put on a similar 'static' promotion in Red Lion Square Stamford and in either Cathedral Square or Queensgate in Peterborough.


Also we need as much publicity as possible in the 'social media' . So all of you on Facebook, Twitter etc PLEASE PLUG THE SHOW AS MUCH AND AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE  from now until the week of the show. Wouldn't it be nice to have  full houses every night !

22/2/2016 - Our Audience!


100 happy people viewing "The Best Man", Revellers latest great success. We hope you all come and support us at Stamford Corn Exchange Theatre for Bonnie and Clyde in September!

12/12/2015 - The Best Man?

Rehersals are now in full swing for our next production 'The Best Man ?' and written by our one and only, prolific playwright Clive Read (see below) is an hilarious look at the ups the downs and the highs and lows during the morning of what may well be a typical run of the mill wedding.

The action starts off with the prospective groom's best mate Steve, played by Mark Freeman, having been told that he is no longer to be the best man. His anger and disappointment isn't helped by the fact that his sister Jude, played by Kirsty Bishop, is to be a bridesmaid. The person behind all the aggravation is, surprise, surprise, the brides mother, played by Sue Read. Throughout the two years that the wedding has been planned, Steve claims that it could have been done in a week, by the 'mother in law from hell' who has made sure that every last detail has been done her way. Steve refuses, point blank, to even go to the wedding. The blushing bride, played by Sarah Goodman, arrives on the scene to try and make him change his mind but to no avail. To add to the trauma the prospective bridegroom, Stuart, played by Shaun Kane, turns up admitting that, against his better nature he told his future mother in law, to " get stuffed." Eventually the dreaded aforementioned Mrs Radley, or as Steve calls her Mrs Ratbag, turns up to find out what the hell is going on. Father of the bride, the down trodden Rowland Radley, played by Brian Havers, also arrives and can't imagine what any problems there might be, or can he?

Will everybody live happily ever after? You'll have to book your ticket and go along and find out. 'The Best Man ?', directed by Steve Gravett, assisted by Vicky Head, runs from the 2nd to the 5th February at the Peterborough Indoor Bowls Club in Burton Street, starting at 7.30pmwith a Fish and Chip supper during the interval. Tickets cost £12.50 and can be obtained by phoning 01778 349534 or 01733 560449.

12/12/2015 - Meet the Author


Clive Read was at the ripe old age of 32 when he first trod the boards of the old Embassy Theatre. He was persuaded, by his good friend, who is sadly no longer with us, Graham Aubrey, to audition for the part of Nicely Nicely Johnson in the musical Guys and Dolls which was to be performed by Westwood Works Musical Society. He got the part and performed with unbounded energy and gusto the song 'Sit down your rocking the boat' made famous in the film version by Stubby Kaye.

Now over 40 years later Clive's enthusiasm for the theatre has never waned and to this day he is either performing or directing for Revellers, and as well as in between he has written 21 plays, 5 pantos and 2 musicals. Some of these with his wife Sue, who he affectionately refers to as 'me dear' , or 'her who should be obeyed at all times. Before his involvement with Revellers, of which he is also chairman, he performed with Peterborough's Gilbert and Sullivan and with Westwood Works Musical Society both as a performer and director. The favourite role he has played to date was that of Max Sennett in the musical Mack and Mabel. May his involvement go on for ever, or as he says, until the drug wears off.



First show , with the Revellers,"Rats", in which he played the part of Lord Mayor of Hamblin. His favourite show and part to date is Beauty and the Beast in which he played the part of Gaston for the Westwood Musical Society. His favourite show so far with Revellers was a  "Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum". As a member of an audience his favourite show is, so far, the "Rocky Horror Show". The part he would most like to play is that of Jean Valjean in "Les Miserables". His favourite stage actor is, Michael Crawford in "Phantom of the Opera". His favourite actress Denise Van-outen in "Chicago". Other hobbies include singing and long distance walking.

VICKY HEAD Assistant Director


First show, "Bed" by Jim Cartwright in which she played Charles at the Ken Stimson school. Favourite show which she appeared in, to date, is "Annie" and her favourite part so far is that of Jean Harlow in the Revellers production of B+USA. Favourite show watched, "Blood Brothers". The part she would most like to play is Tracey in "Hairspray". Vicky was also Assistant Director for the Revellers "The Bitter End". Other hobbies include craft activities and being a wife and mum. (Cast details to follow)


Mark Freeman

His first show was in the Anglian Theatre Society's production of The Tempest playing the part of Sebastian. His favourite shows that he has appeared in so far are Sweet Charity and Romeo and Juliet. His favourite part to date Bobby Child in Crazy for You. The part he would most like to play is Max Bialistock in The Producers. Favourite shows/plays he has watched Matilda, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, One Man Two Guvnors. Favourite actor Robert Lindsay. Favourite actress Amanda Staunton.


Sue Read

The first show Sue appeared in was the March Operatic Society's production of Brigadoon in which she played the part of Bonnie Jean. Her favourite show which she has taken part in was  the musical Chigago and her favourite part was Roxie Hart in the same show. The part she would like to play is that of Mrs Danvers in Rebecca. The favourite show she has watched is the Book of Mormon and her favourite stage actor and actress Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench.


Shaun Kane

His first appearance was in the Revellers production of Men at Arms playing Beano and Boggo. his favourite show in which he has played in to date is The Admirable Miss Smith and his favourite part Rod Grooms in the same play. The part he would most like to play is that of Mr Harry Wormwood in the musical Matilda. The favourite show he has watched is Notre Dame de Paris and his favourite actress is Idina Menzel who starred in the musical Wicked.


Sarah Goodman

Her first appearance  was in the dance team in the Revellers production of Return to the Forbidden Planet. Favourite shows she has appeared in are Carmen and Follies.  The part she would most like to play is Audrey in The Little Shop of Horrors. Her favourite actor is Johnny Depp and actress Angelina Jolie.

22/8/2015 - Spooky goings on...

Rehearsals are going well for our next themed variety show. A large company have swarmed back for this extrvaganza to be staged at The BowlsClub during the run up to Halloween. Director, Sue Read, is being very ably assisted this time by her husbandClive (who will appear as you;ve never seen him before) and choreographer, Joanna Linford, who has put together some excellent dance numbers to wow audiences.

03/01/2015 - B&B USA

press photo

Rehearsals are going well for the Reveller's next production - B&B USA. Don't forget to book your tickets. Call 01733 560449.

02/03/2014 - Follies

Rehearsals for the Reveller's latest musical "Follies" start on Thursday 6th March. The show, by Stephen Sondheim offers fantastic parts for both men and women in lead and supporting roles. If you'd like to come along, rehearsals will be on Thursdays from 7:30pm - 9:30pm at St John's Hall, Mayors Walk.

01/03/2014 - Website Updated

The website has been updated with new content. Flyers, posters and newspaper clippings of previous productions can be found in the Photo Gallery.

Programmes from the last 30 years can be found on the following page:


Eventually we plan to give every play its own individual page, but in the meantime enjoy the extra content.

05/10/2013 - The Bitter End Auditions

Auditions for The Bitter End will be held on Thursday 17th October at St John's Hall in Mayors Walk. If you haven't collected your audition pieces yet, come along to St John's on Thursday 10th October when the second read through will take place. Director, Steve Gravett has asked that all audition pieces be learned in advance of the audition so get practicing. Auditions are open to old and new members so come along and give it a go.

17th October - The Bitter End Auditions
Auditions for The Bitter End will be held on Thursday 17th October at St John's Hall in Mayors Walk. If you haven't collected your audition pieces yet, come along to St John's on Thursday 10th October when the second read through will take place. Director, Steve Gravett has asked that all audition pieces be learned in advance of the audition so get practicing

17/5/2013 - Send us your pictures!

Help us make this site better.

A new feature has been added to the website that allows you to upload your own photographs.

If you have taken any pictures of any of our productions, front or backstage or you have any pictures of the Revellers Ball or Christmas party, you can upload them to our website.

Any posters or programme content from old shows would be especially useful.

You can add your images to the site by clicking here.

Note: Photographs may take a few days to appear on the site after you have sent them as they will need to be organised and added to the correct section.

16/10/2012 - Revellers rise to the challenge

The Revellers have successfully completed their latest production - Carmen: the Musical. Enthusiastic audiences were bowled over by the society's performance of this ambitious show.

After many months of rehearsal, we pulled off what seemed like an impossible task and we did a very good job of it too, if I do say so myself.

Special mention must go to our Musical Director, Andrew Brown, for his hard-work, dedication and much needed patience. The society would also like to thank Sue and Clive Read for all their efforts and for bringing such a challenging show together.

As Clive put it, "It's no fun doing the same old shows time and again. It's much better to do something that's a bit of a challenge."

We couldn't agree more!

3/6/12 - Carmen Rehearsals

Rehearsals are going well for the Revellers' upcoming production of Carmen the Musical. We now have a full cast and our musical director, Andrew Brown, is helping us all to master the tricky score.

Carmen Promo

28/11/2011 - Robin Hood Pictures!!

Picture for the latest production, Robin Hood as well as the after show bar and bowling can be found here and here.

10/3/2011 - Photo Gallery for The Admirable Miss Smith

Photo's are up for The Admirable Miss Smith. View the gallery by clicking here.

08/03/2011 - Dress Rehearsal for Miss Smith


Our current production starts its run tomorrow and we are busy getting ready for a great night.

Here is a picture of the cast from our final dress rehearsal before the show.

22/02/2011 - Rehearsals for the The Alchemist

Just to let everyone know - rehearsals for the The Alchemist start on Thursday 17th March at St. John's Hall in Mayors Walk - Sue

14/2/2011 - Press pictures for "The Admirable Miss Smith"

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17/12/2010 - Christmas Party Venue Change!

The Revellers christmas party has a new location.

The party will be held at the PSL club on Lincoln Road on the 23rd of December at 7.30pm.

Don't forget the food!

06/12/2010 - Festive Frolics Photographs are up!

Our latest production, Festive Frolics has now finished, but we managed to take some photographs of the final performance. These can be viewed here.

28/10/2010 - Festive Frolics Photoshoot

Today we took press photographs for our upcoming production of Festive Frolics. Follow the link for the full video and photographs.



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