About Us.

In 1947 a group of caring extroverts decided they could raise money for local charities by producing plays and concerts to entertain the local populace. Their motto was:-

The Revellers are happy folk
Who always spend their leisure
Raising funds and having fun
and giving people pleasure.

This little poem appeared on the inside cover of their programmes for many years. In 1956 when the Empire Theatre was demolished The Revellers acquired 130 of the tip-up seats and installed them in Millfield Hall, St. Martin's Street, turning this rather austere little church hall into a tiny theatre.  

Over the next 30 or so years, using this hall as their base, they performed an incredible variety of stage shows on the tiny stage - sometimes as many as six per year. The Revellers in fact became an amateur reperatory company.


In the '70's they had as many as sixty performers and twenty orchestra on a stage 22ft x 16ft! They had a steady and faithful audience from the New England area who would appear from the houses around with five minutes to curtain up clutching cushions (for the hard seats at the back) and rugs because of the inadequate heating in the winter. As one lady confessed to me - she enjoyed the shows but the chief attraction was the fact that tea and biscuits were served to your seat in the interval. This service together with a programme was included in the ticket price - which used to be about £1.25 - pretty good value!

The Society has always been in favour of innovation. They were the first Society to appear at the new Key Theatre. They have the dubious distinction of being the only amateur society in Peterborough to go nude on the Key stage (well two of them) in a farce called Who Goes Bare. To support the Orton Arts Centre The Revellers performed al fresco two Miracle Plays every two hours for three days over a bank holiday. This is called within the Society our "Pillocks on the Hillocks" period. In the running order we were sandwiched between Blaster Bates and Zippy the Caterpillar - there's fame for you! The Revellers also have a vested interest in Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap when it finally comes to the end of its record breaking run as early Revellers about twenty years' ago took an option to perform the play as soon as it is released for amateurs - we are still waiting!


In 1986 The Revellers were forced to move from the atmospheric Millfield Hall - the atmosphere at this time being mostly mildew! The old seats were destroyed and the society started to perform regularly at The Key. Also in this year a new strategy was adopted to perform new works by local authors - as supper theatre - no mean feat in these days of economic restraint. Other societies are hanging on by quite sensibly producing pot boilers - the King & I - the Sound of Music - My Fair Lady etc. in a continuous round of financially successful shows - but these are unexciting fare for true thespians who prefer to extend themselves and the bounds of theatre whenever possible and Revellers will continue to do so in the future.