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8th - 10th February

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26th Feb - 1st March 2014 - The Bitter End
This latest comedy "Whodunnit" penned by our other prolific author, Brian Havers, is due for it's first read-through on Thursday 3rd October at 7.30 p.m. at St. John's Hall.
There are roles for 2 men and 7 women of various ages. Revellers' stalwart, Steve Gravett, is to make his directorial debut with this brand new play.

The Peterborough Revellers are currently rehearsing and looking forward to making their first appearance, in the Broadway Suite at Peterborough's newly opened Broadway Theatre by staging a brand new comedy and becoming the first amateur theatrical society to perform in this new exciting 'cabaret' style venue.

The play written and directed by local playwright Clive Read, is billed a 'Supper Theatre' with fish and chips brought to the tables during the interval. It's called ' SISTERS ?' and is a story of a rough working class family who find they are very closely related to the lady Prime Minister and an awful lot of nobility resulting in hilarious circumstances. The press are on to it immediately and are there when the PM calls to meet her estranged family.

The 'world premiere' of this highly amusing play runs nightly at 7.30 from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th February. Tickets cost £12.50 and include the fish and chips. Phone the Broadway Theatre on 01733 306071


Upcoming Events

2nd - 5th February 2016 - The Best Man

What's Happening

04/12/2017 - Sisters? - Rehersals

Rehersals are underway for our new production, Sisters?

Premiering at The Broadway in Peterborough from the 8th February to the 10th.


17/2/2017 - Chat with the cast - Part 3

This week our wonderful host Sean Flynn speaks to Gill Giaffreda and Kirsty Bishop, discussing their favourite things about the Revellers, and their favourite shows.

03/02/2017 - Chat with the cast - Part 2

This week, our host Sean Flynn talks to two returning members of the society, Sam Beagley and Cydney Leigh Beagley, about their time with the Revellers and their plans for the future.

Revellers go to the Movies will be staged at the Peterborough Indoor Bowls Club 21-24 June. Tickets cost £12.50 and you can book now by calling 01778 349534!

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